Bellow you'll find the available channel commands there are also Sound Effects available only a few will be displayed on this page.


  • !waffles Find out how many waffles you have
  • !points Find out how many waffles you have
  • !accountage Find out when this person's account got made
  • !followage Find out how long you've been following Trickylady for
  • !time Will show current time in Belgium
  • !sr <name - artist or youtube link> Request up to 10 songs
  • !songlist Request up to 10 songs or have a look at what's playing
  • !sfx or !soundeffects Gives a link to all sound effects
  • !boobs See some nice boobs!
  • !nudes The best nudes ever!
  • !tits See some great tits!
  • !8ball <question> Ask any yes or no question
  • !social Get Trickylady's social media links
  • !website Get Trickylady's website
  • !fb or !facebook Get Trickylady's facebook
  • !ig or !instagram Get Trickylady's instagram
  • !yt or !youtube Get Trickylady's youtube
  • !twitter Get Trickylady's twitter

  • !rules ♫ find out what the rules of this channel are
  • !hi ♫ Say hi
  • !hithere ♫ Say hi
  • !wazzup ♫ Ask Trickylady what she's doing
  • !howru ♫ Ask how Trickylady is doing
  • !lurk ♫ Go into lurk mode
  • !brb ♫ Let Trickylady know you'll brb
  • !back ♫ Say you've returned
  • !ignore ♫ Tell Trickylady to stop ignoring your chat
  • !listen ♫ Tell Trickylady to read your chat
  • !goodbye ♫ Say bye to everyone
  • !okay ♫ agree
  • !ty ♫ Say thank you
  • !goodbye ♫ Say bye to everyone
  • for more sound effects click here

Mod commands

  • !streamer <name> Promotes a streamer
  • !so <name> Promotes a streamer
  • !shoutout <name> Promotes a streamer
  • !raidmsg <raid target> Displays raidmessage and target link
  • !raidreward <name> Gives points to raider
  • !waffles add <name> <amount> Give points to someone
  • !waffles remove <name> <amount> Removes points from someone
  • !game <game name> Sets what game Trickylady is playing
  • !status <new title> Changes the title
  • !host <channel name> Hosts the given person
  • !unhost Removes hostmode
  • !winner <name> ♫ Gives the winner points

Personal sub and mod commands