The point system used in this channel is called 'Waffles'. You get 5 waffles for every 5 minutes you spent in Trickylady's channel while she is online.

- How do I check how much waffles I have collected?

By typing !waffles in chat while she's online.

- Can I earn more waffles?

Yes! You can receive:
+ 30 waffles for following Trickylady
+ 30 waffles for (auto) hosting Trickylady
+ 50 waffles for raiding Trickylady
+ 500 waffles for subscribing to Trickylady
+ 100 waffles for every 1 euro donation made to Trickylady
+ 30 waffles if you join Trickylady's raid and write the raid message in their chat
+ 15 waffles for winning a game of Quiplash / Scribbl.io

- What to use these waffles for?

At this time they are only available to use for sound effects